Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ryker Sear: Forever Criminal (Review)

Today I have Ryker Sear 4 piece, female fronted, rock band from Milton Keynes. "A band that's all about; energy, catchy songs, going nuts and putting on a great show, and last but certainly not least...enjoying making and playing the music we love!" 

This is their song Forever Criminal. 

Straight away it's fast and it's got one of those beats that kinda makes you want a punch a wall (in a good way) it's got that power. I can already imagine hearing this live and just having the whole crowd on their feet, you can't just can't stay still and listen to it Forever Criminal, t's a great piece of modern rock.Production is really good, everything has sharpness to it.It's obviously time has been put into this, every little bit of the song is just right, from the guitar, bass and drums so it all fits together. Regan has a good voice, I'm not going to compare her voice to someone like Hayley Williams, they're different genres of music and I think every female vocalist is probably sick of being compared to her. 
It doesn't take long before I'm singing along, though I do have to say at times I had trouble making out exactly what Regan was singing and it takes me a couple of plays before the lyrics kind of go in. Talking of the lyrics they're of running from the past, living with the mistakes and trying to escape the darkness. I love them, singing along it makes me feel like a heroin in a action film, I want to ride a motorcycle just listening to it!  
I always love a good rock song and Ryker Sear have got the mix right! Now I'm off to put a leather jacket, red lip stick and kick some ass! 

Listen to Forever Criminal here

Check out Ryker Sear's Facebook here 

Em xxx

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Friday, 25 July 2014

I need some help.

Hey guys,
I need some help.
I feel I can't keep this blog as updated as I'd like to and I'm looking for one or more people who would be willing to help me out. I just need someone who's willing to post a review on here about once a week, you would have to find the artist yourself but any genre, any age, any person, as long as they're unsigned and you've asked them first!

If anyone's interested please email me at imtakingemma@gmail.com and I can answer any questions you have.

Thank you,
Emma xx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Oceans Above: Blue Lights (Review)

Today I'm in Coventry with 5 piece Rock band The Oceans Above.

This is their single Blue Lights

Straight away you're hit with this guitar riff that has the vibe of someone like Mallory Knox, fast and catchy, when Adam's voice, bass and drums come in the whole song just kind of goes off like a beautiful music explosion in your ears. The power and the skill of the music is absolutely amazing, I wish I could just say it's amazing and leave it at that.
Production wise everything is clear and sharp, it rings in your ears long after the last chord has been played. Adam's voice is very strong especially as the song goes on he really comes into his own and with added group vocals towards the end there's just that other level. Lyrically it shows some I haven't felt I connection to these kind of lyrics since I heard Sleeping With Sirens Trophy Farther's Trophy Son for the first time.  I am your son don't you leave me alone in this world. The story of a farther who's not there and how the blue lights will guide you. It's both touching, emotional, powerful and equally unique.

The Oceans Above have crated what is to me a perfect song, I couldn't find a fault with it if I tried. The talent these guys show is amazing, I honestly can't wait to hear more from these guys in the future! I doubt this'll be the last you'll see of them on this blog (or I hope not at least.)

Listen to Blue Lights here

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Speaking in Shadows: Technicolour Trainwreck (Review)

Speaking in Shadows are back! The 5 piece alternative rockers from Nuneaton are back with a new song from their upcoming EP The Lies We Lead.

This is Technicolour Trainwreck

There's no waiting around SIS kick off the song straight away with a strong, fast guitar riff and a drum and bass line that keeps my fingers tapping through out. It's always great when a song starts out powerful, it makes you want to listen, to pay attention and before I'm 20 seconds in Technicolour Trainwreck has me hooked. Adam has a fantastic voice and range that he shows off through out the song, my only issue really is that sometimes I lose him, he just slips into the music at times and I find I have to listen just a little bit harder to hear him clearly. In the middle of the song it slows, Adam's voice being heard above everything else it also adds a nice diversity to powerful song. The guitar solo is just an excuse to jump around and go a little bit mad or for some of us a great chance to admire the skill Ali and Lewis.
I always think of SIS being very good with their lyrics and they not disappoint here "Technicolour trainwreak takes a hold and reminds us we're alive"  As a lyrical style it reminds me of the one used by Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, they're not repetitive the lines changing each time with different and meaningful words.

To do a review I find myself listening to a song, over and over and over again and sometimes I begin to hate the song a little bit just out of sure overplay. This did not happen listening to Tehnicolour Trainwreck, in fact I would say I fell more in love with it each time I hit repeat.

Altogether I think Speaking in Shadows have come back with maybe their best song yet! I can't wait to hear the rest of the EP when it's released next month.

Listen to Technicolour Trainwreck here

Check out Speaking in Shadows Facebook here

Friday, 13 June 2014

Double Lined Minority: White Flag review

If it wasn't hot enough here today I have a band from the awesome sounding Gold Coast Australia. 
This is 4 piece Pop-Punk band Double Lined Minority and their song White Flag

Straight away it's a smashing piece of clean cut, well produced pop-punk. Staring off a guitar riff I might think as a little heavier, with a drum beat that has me doing a very bad impression of a drummer and banging me head. So barely 20 seconds in and it's showing a fantastic originality I've heard more pop-punk bands than the Winchester brothers have died but Double Lined Minority have put a new spin on it and honestly as a genre of music I didn't think I could love it anymore, yeah I was wrong. As for the song it's self it's fast, it's got a beat that I can't sit still and listen, it's catchy that I find myself humming it long after I've stopped listening. Vocally it switches between two people, mainly Eddie but with Cameron taking over at times too, it's a good mix of different voices and styles of singing. Lyrically it's catchy, it's very quick after hearing it that I'm singing along I'm not really sure what the lyrics mean but they're not meaningless. It's like All Time Low's Backseat Serenade in I love the lyrics but I'm not 100% sure I know what you're talking about. It is very well produced it's not often I can everything so well, from the vocals to the bass line I've heard top 40 songs with worse production that this I'm not gonna lie. 

Altogether Double Lined Minority have crated a unique style and a fantastic song to boot! If I had to compare it to something (and I really had to think about this) it would be All Time Low's A Love Like War  as it's a slightly heavier piece of pop-punk.
I can't wait to hear more of these guys, and if you do actually live in Australia I'd advise going to see these guys live because White Flag makes it sound like it would one hell of a good time! 

Listen to White Flag here 
Check out Double Lined Minority's Facebook here 

Friday, 30 May 2014

Light You Up: Broken Jaw EP (Review)

Light You Up a five piece Rock/Pop-Punk band from Birmingham, England.

This is their EP Broken Jaw

Firefox starts the EP with a soft but steady guitar riff slowly the other instruments join and it builds into something more. When I'm not typing my fingers are tapping to the beat and when they are my foot's tapping, it has one of those beats where I try and fail at air drumming. Tom's voice comes in, clear against the music that even for the first time listening I know the lyrics he's singing. Lyrically I love it, Play this broken record on your stereo and you'll never be alone there's something powerful in that, if I was brave (Or old enough for that matter) it's the sort of lyric I'd love to have as a tattoo. Production as well is very good, everything is clear and sharp, I can totally get lost within the song. I'd run out of fingers before I counted all the pop-punk bands I know, but Light You Up as put their on spin on it and taken a slightly more rock approach and I love it.

Broken Jaw
It's got a good catchy beat and the fact I have a laptop balanced on me isn't stopping me from trying to dance. Tom's vocals are loud and clear, I barely get a minute into it before I'm singing along too, the guitar solos through out the song are really good and show skill. It's always great to see a bit diversity in an EP like this, something a bit faster that I can imagine being a great live track.

Without You Here
Is a bit heavier, more of the rock showing.Tom shows a different side to his voice, one a bit of each to match the slightly heavier feel to the song. Lyrically just like every song so far they sink in really quickly and then they're in my head till I play the next song. They're the kind of lyrics that stick to you long after the last cords been played. Both Drew and Rob are belting out some amazing guitar riffs that could put my air guitar to shame. Joe's drums even getting their own little solo that adds something different. Each song on 'Broken Jaw' has it's own spin and style, the whole diversity through the record is fantastic and shows some true talent.

Another change of pace, Lifebox to starts acoustic with just guitar and vocals. It's a great chance to just listen to Tom's voice, there's no computers here you can really the rawness of his voice and the range this kid had talent and damn it shows. I love the mix of the acoustic with the full band, merging in and out of each other with beautiful ease. It's a very beautiful song, the lyrics packing their normal powerful punch to an already musically perfect song. I'll always be haunted by your dreams. 

Light It Up has created a truly unique EP, each song is different but amazing, showing a fantastic diversity and talent. If this is their first EP I can not wait to hear more of them.

Listen to 'Broken Jaw' here

Check out Light You Up's Facebook here

Friday, 2 May 2014

Forging the Truth: Warriors (Review)

Today I have a band from Manorville in the state of New York. This is 5 piece Hard Rock/Metalcore/Metal Hardcose band Forging the Truth.

Forming two years ago in 2012 and after going through their far share of troubles and line up changes they're taking the Long Island scene by storm.

This is their song Warriors.

Before I even listened to the song, I was reading the description on YouTube and I learnt the song is dedicated to anyone who has/is suffer depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts. That the whole song was inspired by fans of the band telling them of their experiences and how the band has helped them. I love the whole idea of writing a song to the fans in this way, it's something I've not seen done many times before.

A faster piano starts the song before soon being joined by the drums, at first the song reminds me of Bring Me The Horizons Can You Feel My Heart. As it has that same mix of heavier guitar riffs played to a softer piano.
Musically the song covers all bases, drums have a great focus and I can always hear them, bass line has be tapping along at all times sometimes without even noticing I'm doing it and the guitar solo is just heaven! Vocally it's also very good, Andrew has a great range from strong, clear vocals to start to a heavier almost scream at the end.
My favourite aspect of the song are the lyrics. Lyrically this song's amazing, as I said previously inspired by stories from fans.Warriors is about being warriors against the pain, against everything standing in your way
The scars on your skin are kisses from angels
The pain wasn't enough to pull you from this hell
You've been kicked when you were down
You have screamed, but made no sound
And still you stand so tall
We can stand together, and call ourselves warriors

Altogether I think it's a really great song! If I had a check list of everything I was looking for in a song I could tick them all off here. I can't wait to hear more from Forging the Truth, and maybe one day they'll make it across the Atlantic! 

Listen to Warriors here

Check out Forging the Truths Facebook here