Monday, 28 October 2013

Alone Tonight: This One's Goodbye (Review)

Today I have a band from Newcastle, I don't know if I've reviewed a band from Newcastle before...
This is 5 piece Pop-Punk/Rock band Alone Tonight.

This is their song This One's Goodbye.

We all know I love pop punk so it's always good when I get to review it.
Alone Tonight have my foot tapping, and moving to the song with in seconds. Karl's vocals start almost straight away, he's quite a high singer which a style I've heard a few times in pop-punk bands. Karl's a good singer but I do find his voice can get a bit lost, and I have to focus on his voice to hear exactly what the lyrics are. Through out the song my feet were tapping along to the best, my fingers trying to play air guitar along. The guitar riffs are very clear, I'm following them all the way through. The same with the drums, I never lose the beat. The lyrics are good but I do still to the problem of them not being as clear as I'd really like.
It's not the most original song I've ever heard but it's a good song that's great to sing and dance to. Alone Tonight remind me of the American band The Summer Set, and I hope to see these guys get as far as them!

I think these guys would put on a good live show, so if you get the chance I've definitely go. Alone Tonight are a band with a lot of energy that definitely shows in their music.

Listen to This One's Goodbye here

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Through Colour: Somnium (Review)

For today's review I am in...... Wait for it.... Manchester! Today I have 5 piece Manchester Rock/Pop band, Through Colour.

Their EP Somnium.
The first song is Daydream, as this song was released as a single before the EP I knew what it sounded like. But it was the hearing of this song that made me want to review the rest of the EP as I really loved it.
I have nothing against songs that have a bit of an intro but I also love the way in Daydream you just so straight into the song. Foot tapping, fingers drumming on keys the second the songs starts. Steve's vocals are clear and stand out. Steve has a great voice as no matter how long I listen I don't get board of his voice he also makes me want to sing along,  I'm actually singing along before I've the song is over for the first time. Man I love these guitar riffs, (can I high five who came up with them?) They're sweet and I find myself trying to play along aside them! I love the way they go from something quite light and sweet to something heavier in the guitar solo. I'm really having a proper rock out to this song, someone's going to come knock on my door in a minute and complain about the amount of bad singing and foot tapping going on!

At the start I hear a slightly more poppy Through Colour, I can't help moving and getting into the song. The drums have this fantastic beat that I never lose through out the song, I can always find it be tapping along to it. Again Steve has me singing along with him before the song has finished for the first time. The song slows and I hear a softer side to his vocals which are just as good, then it jumps back to full speed. I still loving the guitar riffs, they're loud, ballsy and just have this great power about them. I'm loving the variety between Daydream and Lost, from something rocky to something with more a pop feel.

Starts slow and I'm met with some wonderful vocals until it spends up with a catchy chorus. It's another song that's more poppy, now I have nothing against that as I love pop music but I didn't like this song as much as the others. Not that it was bad, just a little repetitive and with the speed changing the way it does I couldn't follow it as well.

Is back with the rock, a heavier song that punches some power! It sounds more of an older side, I could imagine listening to similar thing a few years back. It's great to hear a another different side to Steve's vocals and just the whole difference in the song, with such a good mix of lighter and heavier songs Through Colour are no one trick pony.

Till The End
This is the only other song on the EP I've felt has been as good as Daydreaming. It's got a great power, a tempo change that really works and it makes me want to listen to ridiculously loudly and sing my heart out to it. It's one of those songs that kind of gets to you, it reminds me of My Understandings by Of Mice and Men in it's power and the way it makes me feel. One of my favourite things about Through Colour as a band is their lyrics, there is power in those words alone but mix them with the instruments and vocals and you have a recipe for an amazing band.

I absolutely loved Somnium! I do review EP's where all the songs sound very similar and it's hard to find new things to say, I did not have this problem here. Each track was different with a new twist on what I think as the classic Rock/Pop.

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You can buy Somnium here

Em xxx