Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Open Sails: Breakdown (Review)

Woo! Hoo! In Canada today with 5 piece Rock/Pop band Open Sails.
This is their single Breakdown.

I've listened to fair few female fronted bands in my time but never have I heard one quite like Open Sails. They're fast paced, powerful guitar riffs, fantastic crashing drums and that's just the opening 10 seconds! Joy's voice is powerful, well she has to be to keep up with instrumental side of the song. If I'd heard Joy's voice alone I might not have associated it with this style of music but in truth it works brilliantly. The song has a great hook, the lyrics are what I'd expect from this rock/pop style of song; catchy, great to sing along to and portray a relationship and how it can make you want to Breakdown. I did really enjoy listening to Breakdown, it's great to be able to hear something fresh and unique.

I really enjoyed Open Sails, and I give them full marks for being something different. I look forward to hearing more from them.

Listen to Breakout here
Check out Open Sails here

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