Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Back To November: Without Reason (Review)

I'm in Wales today, Cardiff to be exact with 4 piece acoustic band Back To November!

This is their EP Without Reason.

I reviewed Falling a few mouths ago when it was just a recording in a garage and it was amazing then, but now it's been probably recorded it's even more so!
Two acoustic guitars and two lots of vocals, simple yet effective. With not electric guitar or drums there's nothing to cover the vocals and you can hear them perfectly, and not only can Joel and Dan sing but their voices fit together. It reminds me of Tom and Danny of McFly were they both sing lead and their voices mix so well together. I really love the lyrics as I can't stop singing them "I'm falling for you, you I knew you'd never understand the way I feel about you baby"  As it's the first song the band wrote together it shows a lot of potential.

I Won't Give Up.
Is a slower song which really shows off the talent these guys have! It's a bit Ed Sherran sounding with a bit more of a country sound. The lyrics are really fantastic "I won't give up on us even if the skies get ruff" it's honestly one of the most simple and beautiful songs I've heard and I could imagine falling in love with it.

Tickle Tears
With the add of the Ukulele I can't help tapping my foot and moving with the song. Trickle Tears is a little different to the other songs as we've also got the add of a drum, it also shows another side of Back To November that's not just a simple acoustic song but a little bit more. It's more upbeat, still as catchy, still with those fantastic vocals and a really great guitar solo from Edan. As much as I love this band I was worried I'd be getting four songs that sound very similar but I've been shown that's not the case and Back To November have more to them than it might first seem.

Hazel Eyes.
Dam it Back To November! This song is beautiful, the emotion in the vocals, the lyrics, the simple guitar and slight drum has given me goose bumps and I think I may actually cry... Which is saying something as not many songs can do that for me. Falling had me singing, I Won't Give Up had me wanting to fall in love, Tickle Tears had me dancing and Hazel Eyes had me crying. It shows a lot of talents to be able to some so much emotion in just fours songs that I can feel so different about each one.

I knew Back To November were a band to watch when I first heard that first recording of Falling months ago and now wow! They've really become one amazing band and I'm proud of them.  All I know now is I need to get myself a copy of Without Reason!

Listen to Without Reason here:

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Em xxx

Friday, 26 July 2013

Jocelyn: Miss America (Review)

I can't seem to get out of America lately! As I'm back to Iwoa with 4 piece pop/rock band Jocelyn.
This is their new song Miss America.
I love a good piece of classic pop rock and this is a brilliant example. It's in the same style as Jocelyn older work, which is currently not a bad thing as they've build up quite a fan base with their catchy pop rock.
The guitar riffs, are upbeat, catchy and clear! I really like being able to follow the riffs and changes all the way through the song. I love the guitars so much that I'm having trouble tearing myself away to focus on the other parts of the song. The vocals are really good, I was singing along before the song was over for the first time. They're upbeat, I like how I can hear Alex's ascent as he sings and clear, if you know me you'll know I find clear vocals important and these are perfect I can hear every pitch change. The lyrics are what I'd expect from this kind of song "She's my Miss America, the one that got away, I was too good for her, now she's too good for me." But good all the same.
I only had one problem with the song, having on repeat for so long I got a little bored. A song can be great the first few times but after a few more it can get repetitive, a good song summer song all the same though.
Miss America is a great song and exactly what I'd expect from Jocelyn, so it's not the most original but that doesn't make it bad as I love the song for what it is.

Great band, great song be sure to listen!

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Em xxx

Monday, 15 July 2013

Rumours: Just a Kiss (Review)

I'm back in the UK with 4 piece rock band Rumours! The band only forming this year means this is their debut single.
Just a Kiss.
I always try to go into a song without knowing anything about it, so I had no idea what to expect with Rumours, I was definitely presently surprised.
I was met with a sweet, catchy rock song that had a great energy that made me want to dance and sing at the top of my lungs. I was trying to think if the guitar riff that starts the song sounds like any other band I know and I couldn't think of anyone, there's a great energetic originality about Just a Kiss.
Vocals, are not the kind that pull at your heart strings but make you smile and really get you into the song. I've listened to a lot of rocks song and I can find the vocals don't always fit the genre that is defiantly not the case here, Alex's vocals fit this upbeat song perfectly. The lyrics will be going around my head for days, they are definitely the kind of lyrics that get stuck in your head. They're quite simple but not repetitive and easy to learn so you'll be singing along before you know it.
Just a Kiss is one of those songs I could imagine hearing live and everyone jumping up and down, singing as loud as they could as it's just one of those songs that lifts your mood instantly.
It's a great feeling when you find a song that's just great, the guitars, drums, bass, vocals, lyrics all fit together in the right way that just works and Just a Kiss is definitely one of them!

At first I didn't know what to expect from Rumours but I can say if that's their debut I can't wait to see what's next!

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Em xxx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chase Your Words: Under Attack (Review)

From America to Canada for today's review! Chase Your Words a 4 piece pop-punk band from Vancouver Canada.

(From left to right) James Songalia, Alex Johnrden, Chris Siglos and Curtis St Louis.

This is there song Under Attack.

I love a good bit of pop-punk being a big All Time Low fan so this is right up my street. A catchy song, that's full of energy, you'll be singing along and tapping your fingers on the keyboard before the chorus. The guitar riff has an All Time Low Weightless (From their album Nothing Personal) feel about it which feels give's it that fantastic energy I love. Often in the genre lyrics are about parties and having fun, now there's nothing wrong with that but Chase Your Words have gone that little bit deeper and it really works! So don't blame your scars on me when I'm only doing my best. 
Despite these slightly deeper lyrics it's actually rather feel good song, with a great beat that I'm loving listening and singing to in this hot weather. My only bad thing I have to say and there is only one. The vocals can be a bit unclear and if I didn't have the lyrics written in front of me I may not understand what's be sung, they can sing just need to turn them up a bit.

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Taking Hayley live review

Hey guys!
This week I was very lucky to get tickets to see Taking Hayley playing in Nottingham on their Made tour!

Due to my failure at map reading we arrived late and I don't actually know the name of the opening act... I am sorry about that. What I heard of the band was good and I had fun dancing to them.

The Kaos were next!
A good bit of punk rock to kick off my night. Clapping, cheering, a bit of dancing. The band defiantly had some energy and it was great to see a band more at home jumping around the stage. Sometimes live vocals can get a bit lost The Kaos didn't have this problem and I could hear them really well even if I didn't know the words! They finished their set with a great cover of Teenager Dirtbag that had the whole crowd singing along. I'll defiantly be checking out The Kaos more in the future.
The Kaos Facebook:

Third on the bill was In Hindsight.
My friend introduced me to this band so I knew what to expect this time. Everyone was singing along and having fun, they had great energy on stage as well as in their songs. The whole crowd was really enjoying their pop rock songs as everyone was either singing/clapping or dancing along.
In Hindsight put on a really great performance and I'll definitely be listening to them more in the future!
In Hindsight Facebook:

The forth and final support act were The Last Carnival.
I'd not listened to the band before hand so I had no idea what to expect. With two guitars, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals there was a lot going on, maybe a bit too much. The guitars were amazing and their guitarist definitely had some talent, in fact the whole band was talented and the only bad thing I have to say is I couldn't hear the vocals at all... This might have been to do with how close to the speakers I was standing but even so I should be able to hear something of what was being sung and I couldn't. Having talked to the guys after the show they're a really nice, hard working band so you should check them out.
The Last Carnival Facebook:

The headlining act Taking Hayley.
This being the third time I'd seen Taking Hayley I knew exactly what to expect from the band, and they did not disappoint. Starting off with their second single Up All Night got the whole crowd jumping and singing straight away. That feeling when you're in a crowd and everyone is having an amazing time singing as loud as they can is something you get at Taking Hayley, everyone is enjoying themselves. They played a few of their faster songs first Up All Night, Tonight and Here I Stand before slowing into Crying Eyes. This song was originally recorded as a piano track but for the sake of tour was performed with just an acoustic guitar and vocals. It's an beautiful song to start with but live Alistair really does sing it at a new level that left me with tears in my eyes. They did a great cover of Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars which is one of my favourite covers they've done. One of the special moments for me was when they played From Now Until Forever which is a special song for my and best friend, hearing it live meant a lot to me and they played it so, so well.
Taking Hayley really know how to put on a show, you would not be disappointed going to see them.
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Em xxx
P.S if anyone has the name of the opening act I'd love to know!