Thursday, 21 February 2013

And finally the headlining act, Taking Hayley! Thee 4 piece pop - rockers from Birmingham put on an amazing show.
Even as they were setting up there was a buzz and excitement in the air.
The into plays, the boys come on stage, the lights go down and BANG the first guitar riff of Tonight starts, Levi (Guitar and backing vocals) and Tom (Bass and backing vocals) started singing and the crowd goes mad! The bands  high quality, poppy tunes with an rocky edge get everyone on there feet, jumping, singing and clapping their hands. Second song in Up All Night, Taking Hayley's second single get's everyone going. Have you ever been in the middle of a crowd singing your heart out, jumping and not having a care in the world because you're on top of the world? Yeah, that's what standing in that crowd felt like. Butterflies from the bands debut album 'Tricks and Games' means alot to Alistair (Lead guitar and vocals) as he put his heart in as he sung it. Holding On was the song I was most excited to see live and I was not disappointed! Alistair puts down his guitar and just sings, the intro already had us jumping and when Ali started singing, I sang my heart out with him, so much that my voice nearly gave up just over half way through! From Now Until Forever another one of 'Tricks and Games' and a song they've not played on tour before and another one I was looking forward to hearing, it's a song that means a lot to the band as it's about them and there journey and it's a really lovely song that really comes alive when live. Here I Stand is more energetic that From Now Until Forever so get's the crowd jumping like mad again, and I found my voice again so I was singing along too. Somebody That I Used To Know (Cover) I know what this song is like when you rock it up as I love the Mayday Parade's cover but Taking Hayley gave it there own twist making it a cover Mayday Parade would be jealous of. Better Luck Next Time this is the #BLNT tour so I knew this song was coming. The catchy guitar riffs and upbeat drums that make it impossible to keep your feet on the ground. Circles the last song in what was an amazing night. Jay (Drums) keeps up a fast beat were you just have to clap along (If you can keep time... I can't!) it's a great feeling looking at the crowd around you all clapping along in time.
An amazing night that I won't be forgetting.

 Alistair and Tom
 Alistair, Jay and Levi
 Tom, Alistair, Jay and Levi
   Levi and Jay

(All photos by my sister Rebecca Brown)

Em xxx
Third in the line up and the last support this is Speaking In Shadows! 5 piece Alternative - rockers from Coventry put on another great performance. There rock style brought real power to the stage, and I had to fight the urge to do air guitar! Good guitar riffs, and fast drums that I really enjoyed, the only problem I had with the whole performance were with the vocals. As I hard a time understanding what was being sung, even with no guitars or drums playing I still had trouble! One of the nice things about it was the amount of free things they throw out into the crowd, wristbands, cds and even an ester egg!
I also got the chance to speak to the guys after the show and they were all very nice.
A good band that I'd be more than happy to see again.
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Fluorescent Hearts were next in the line, 4 piece the pop - rockers from Glasgow (And I thought I'd come far for the gig!)
Again it was another high energy performance that had the crowd jumping. The guitar riffs alone made me want to dance and clap my hands, and the whole crowd were loving it! I wasn't loving it as much as without knowing any of their songs before hand I didn't know any lyrics and I had a little trouble hearing what was being sung. One of my favourite things about the performance was a friend of mine asked the band before hand if they'd play her favourite song and they did! They did do a cover of a 90s song which I didn't know but what ever it was I liked it as they filled it full of energy.
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Sorry I've been so quite! But I have gig review for you now. I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Taking Hayley in London.
The opening act were She Formed The Skies. The 4 piece, pop - rockers from Bedfordshire put on a great performance. From the moment they come on stage there was energy and fun, their own songs are upbeat, energy filled and before I knew it I was dancing along! Before they broke into a cover of Party In The USA which had the crowd jumping and singing along, the band even went in to a freestyle 60s style beat which got still got the crowd clapping along. Mid way through one of their songs they broke into a cover of Busted's Year 300, the crowd went mad singing, jumping and just enjoying the song. Even though I didn't know the words to their songs and wasn't singing along with their own tracks it was obvious these guys are good! They were my favourites out of the 3 supports as they worked hard and it showed.
It was a great performance that everyone enjoyed and I hope to hear more from them soon!
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