Monday, 29 October 2012

Sorry I've not been here in the last few days but it was my dad's birthday weekend so I've spend it with him, we went to see James Bond! Best Film Ever!!!
Today it's Dive Bella Dive, a 4 piece, post pop band from London, I know their not a real unsigned band but they still deserve more recognition for there music. I first heard Dive Bella Dive when they supported McFly  with Taking Hayley in March.
Their song. School, from the first guitar riff I think rock more that pop especially with Barnaby's deep vocals,    but with the catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head. Dive Bella Dive are not your classic stuck in your head all the time poppy stuff, they have something most catchy pop doesn't amazing guitars! You can hear them all the way through never losing the riffs or heaver beat of the bass. Giving the band there own style, which at first I wasn't sure I liked but after I've had it on repeat why I've done this review it's growing on me and you'll probably hear me singing this song in the future.
As for live I only know from what I've read from other reviews and it's not been the best! But with every show you get better so by now I'm sure they'd rock you. One last thing the video is pretty fantastic.

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Em xxx

Sunday, 21 October 2012

It's Time To Fly no I'm not going anywhere its the name of today's band! A pop punk 4 piece band from Albi France! First heard the band through Twitter.
Their song Friends With Benefits. Straight away they remind of McFly cross All Time Low, poppy vocals with a punk edge and guitars just add to the feeling of wanting to get up and dance. You can hear the influences in there music McFly, All Time Low, Blink 182, they've taken little bits from each one to make there own music. Live they would be full of energy, have the whole crowd singing and jumping :)
Em xxx

Friday, 19 October 2012

I'm back with one BIG rock tune :D BuryTheLadybird 4 piece rock band from Nottingham/Derby. First heard them through Facebook.
Their song Dear Daddy.
I bloody love the guitars I've never wanted bang my head and jump around so much! The vocals and lyrics are just amazing, full of power, I will definitely be rocking out and singing to this in my bedroom so loud all the neighbours know (And I only have neighbours on one side.....)
This band live would be full of power, energy and I would love to see them :) Truly an awesome rock tune one of the best I've heard!
Em xxx

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Say hello to A Balcony Scene a 5 piece pop/rock band in Glasgow! First heard this band through Twitter.
This is there song Riots,
It's real clean pop/rock with catchy guitar riffs and vocals you want to sing along to. I love that's it quite upbeat and something that you're always singing to or tapping your foot to its got an infections beat to it. They remind me a bit of Taking Hayley with how catchy it is, I wouldn't say they are the most original band I've hear heard but there one that I really like and will keeping at ear out for them in future :)
I couldn't tell you what they'd be like live but I bet it would be bloody full on and full of energy. The only other thing I have to say to is about the video, Warhammer really?
Listen here:!
Em xxx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Today I have a review for a band I've done before well I did a live review for them and I thought I'd do another one because I wanted to talk about them a bit more. This is Birmingham 5 piece pop/punk band Falling Faster.
This is there song Alone.
I really like everything about this song, the beat that's impossible not to tap your foot to, the guitars which really get you doing air guitar, a chorus that has everyone singing along. This band have something not every band does really good lyrics about not wanting to be alone and I really good voice singing them, many bands have one or the other but Falling Faster have both plus live they're truly very good, full of energy.
This band has all the important things so I see them going far not sorry they will go far.
 Listen: This was a great video just to top off the fantastic song!
Em xxx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Hello and welcome to my first review of October! With a Lincolnshire a 5 piece rock/post-hardcore band called They Say Fall.
This is there song The Jaundice Theory, after the first few seconds of the song I'm remind of Panic at the Disco in a good way. Piano starts off the song before the guitars join followed by the vocals, the vocals strong and confordent but also heavy but not to heavy just so they fit the strong rockness of the song. The guitars are what a think of as classic rock and are bloody awesome, great drums check!
I really enjoyed the song and will be rocking out and singing along to it in the future. Even though the band reminds me of Panic I do think they've have there own style I haven't heard anything all them before.  As for seeing this band live I can image they'd be really good and being there from Lincolnshire I'll try and get along to there gigs! 
Em xxx

Monday, 8 October 2012