Monday, 13 August 2012

And I'm back! With my first album review :) This is Taking Hayley duet album Tricks And Games. Taking Hayley are a 4 piece pop/rock band from Birmingham.

I love this album to pieces and I've only had it 3 days!! The album starts with the exciting The Big Blind which builds and builds but with no vocals it is just at intro but it runs so well into the next song Better Luck Next Time; this is the first song we hear Ali sing and god he's good. The lyrics are awesome, its just makes you want to sing along. Don't Let Go is an old song for the band that they have remastered and god they've done well. This song is probably my favourite on the album its so bubbly and full of energy that I want to jump around. Tonight (We Come Alive) is so sweet it makes me want to go hug Ali!! The guitars are softer in this song but still so good, and the guitar solo with Levi's baking vocals in just fantastic. Rise is just is a beat really that runs the next song into the next, it makes the album run so smoothly. Butterfly's is soft again. The guitars and drums take pride of place in this song sometimes making it harder to hear Ali but it fits the way this song is done. Up All Night the bands second single a great song. Its fun and lively with good catchy lyrics and one I'm forever singing. From Now Until Forever is softer again and so pretty. I just love it its makes me feel all fuzzy inside (I know that isn't the best way to describe a song) Here I Stand is more rock and energy. I want to do air guitar to this song, I love the way it starts more rock but ends on a softer note, the lyrics are just perfect and makes me realise how bad a girlfriend I'd be!! All In is another build up into the next song with Ali softly whispering Taking Hayley. Holding On is one of my favourites on the album. I'm always tapping my foot to the beat of the drums, and again I'm doing air guitar. The lyrics are just.... I mean "Remember when I said please don't go, you left my heart at all time low" and with the way Ali sings it its perfect. Circles the bands first single has also been remastered a bit making the beginning a bit like a a tap that's got stuck (Listen and you'd know why I said that) the first two lines and quite before going straight into full on drums, guitar and bass. I do jump about to this like a loon but you can't not, it's got that infective catchy beat and vocals and puts you in a good mood. Crying Eyes in yet another old song that has been totally changed it used to be a full on rock but now..... its slow and beautiful with piano and lyrics that make you melt inside. Its impossible not to cry at this song its just too beautiful. It ends with guitars bass and drums in such a dramatic way it makes me think of fire!! And Finally The Royal Flush wish is just soft and ends the album perfectly.

All together its a perfect album it really is and one you should listen and buy it is so so worth it.
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